Aug 04

Raspberry Pi on hold

In my last post I considered buying a Raspberry Pi, however I put it on hold. The reasons I had:

  • It is not necessary at this moment to build a media center using Raspberry Pi since my  external harddisk can be connected directly to the TV or Blu-ray player and the movies can be played directly
  • Currently I don’t have much data to be backed up regularly. Manual backup still works.

Although it is not directly related to the post from Dumb Little Man about 23 Ways to Save Money for the Future That You’re Currently Missing Out On, it still close to the point “Think before you act”. Impulse purchase is always the kind of purchase that is not needed later on. Therefore, it is better to give time, think for a moment or two before buying any stuff. In my case, it is definitely not an impulse purchase however, it is not necessary at this moment.

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