Aug 02

Thinking about buying a Raspberry Pi

For last few months I am considering to buy a Raspberry Pi.  Currently there is an offer published in “Mein Deal” to get it from GetGoods for €31.95. My intention is to use this small computer along with my TV primarily as media center and to backup my important stuffs in an external hard disk. Later on it can be used to teach the children basic programming environment under linux.

Anyway here I’m listing the necessary hardware I need:

  1. Raspberry Pi — €31.95
  2. SanDisk Ultra SDHC 16GB Class 10 — €13.50
  3. D-Link 7 port USB hub with power supply — €23
  4. Logitech K400 wireless USB keyboard with touchpad — €31
  5. Wireless USB adapter — €10
  6. SD Card reader/HDMI cable/Ethernet cable — available already

The total amount I need is around €110. I know it is not a huge amount of money still thinking does it worth investing this amount?

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