Jan 26

Moving or copying total commander configuration file

Today I got a new computer in my workplace. The first thing I had to do was to copy the configuration file of Total Commander from my old computer to my new computer. Although it seems very intuitive however, it took some time for me to find the location of .ini files. The easiest way to do the task:

  1. Start Total Commander (old computer in my case)
  2. On the right side of total commander window click Help -> About Total Commander…TC_help_option
  3. In the next window you can see the path of two .ini files. Here the paths are relevant for Windows 7. For other OS, you can see corresponding location.TC_ini_file
  4. Copy the files to an interim storage
  5. Similarly open Total Commander in other computer where you want to have same configuration and find the .ini file paths as shown in steps 2 & 3
  6. Close Total Commander
  7. Overwrite the .ini files from interim storage to the location found in step 5.
  8. Open Total Commander again on the new computer and enjoy intended configuration.

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